Novashare: New Social Sharing Plugin Built For Speed

by Josh Koop | Last Updated: July 22, 2020
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Novashare is a super new social sharing plugin on the block which aims to be in alignment with Acabado style goals, they aim to stay super small in file size which helps maintain loading speeds while providing you good solid social capabilities.

What is NovashareIt is a super fast and lightweight social sharing plugin whos primary goal is to not slow down your site. Novashare was developed from the ground up with a performance-focused approach to increase your social shares and not your lower page speeds.

So for those who haven’t heard of social sharing lets take a look at why you add them to your site and how they benefit you. I mean I know everyone has heard of social media many don’t understand why you have those social sharing links on your site other than “everyone said I should have a plugin installed”.

Why Use a Social Sharing Plugin?

This is pretty easy to answer, you want the links that come from social sharing along with the traffic it can help bring to your website. While it may seem like anyone could post your post to their Facebook feed, similar to YouTube if you don’t ask them they tend not to share.

The purpose of a social sharing plugin is to help get a conversion more often and to get your content shared out into the world and to reach people who may not have found it via search alone. This is the true power of social media when used properly for a business.

The issue that plagues many of these plugins is that they try to do everything for everyone under the sun, so instead of doing the one thing they were meant to do, share, they become bulky and disjointed and hard to use without a 30 page user guide

What Does NovaShare Bring to the Table?

They bring a lightweight and performance based plugin to the table and led by two devs who participate in the support should you need help with issues or problems.

  • Lightweight – Scripts don’t run where they shouldn’t, inline SVG icons with clean code, custom tables to reduce bloat, and lightweight under 5 KB front-end.
  • Share Counts – Increase your social visibility. Display single and total share counts from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more on your site’s popular content.
  • Click to Tweet Block – The plugin comes with a Click to Tweet block and a shortcode you can use for quotes to increase Twitter shares.

Check out their complete set of features which goes beyond what I have covered on their Features Page.

Best of all they are new and hence are still interested in feedback on performance and needs. They have awesome ability to help you track clicks with Google Analytics which is nice when measuring metrics.

They also have the simplest and clean UI I have seen from a plugin to setup, not over the top with too many tabs and pages to look into.

Final Thoughts on NovaShare

As I continue to move forward I have found value in paying for plugins which can get me the performance and be far more secure since I know they will have active developers maintaining and strengthening the code.

That is the secret of the free plugins that you pay in performance as they have less effort to maximize performance. Then the creator can quit one day and you become very open to malicious code attacks, pay for those plugins which help you maintain speed and performance.

I do get a affiliate commission from Novashare should you use my link, I would love you if you did as all income helps keep me able to work on this site. I will continue to bring you the best plugin options as I find them.

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