Amalinks Pro Review: Version 2.0 Is Amazingly Sharp

by Josh Koop | Last Updated: September 30, 2020
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So when you start that first Amazon niche site you are full of confusion on how you can make your post stand out from the crowd, how to make it appealing enough to your visitor that they make that click and give you that sweet, sweet cookie for 24 hours well this is your answer and much, much more.

Amalinks Pro is the brainchild of Matt from Dumb Passive Income and was built from the frustration of needing to have a plugin that would give him what he needed to run an Amazon niche website plus ensure that he followed the rules and guidelines Amazon sets forth on their associates program.

You see, once Amazon decides to ban you there is almost no way back. I know that if you are hit with an Audit from them that it is very stress inducing and the best way to save yourself from that is to use tools that are 100% on the straight and narrow with the Amazon Associates Program.

Amalinks Pro was built to allow access to the Amazon API, a link into Amazon that allows tools to pull extra details out of their system like multiple images, descriptions, pricing, and other very helpful things for an affiliate marketer.

*Note: The Amazon API used to be available to all associates who signed up but over time this has changed. To get access you have to make at least 3 sales in the first 90 days or they shut off your account.

Amalinks Pro comes with a multitude of tools for any affiliate marketer to utilize in their creation of content to bring a focus onto the products, this can help you to get clicks and purchases on Amazon that just in text links may not achieve.

They have 2 plugins that work to provide 2 different types of product based layouts for your posts, you have the main Amalinks Pro plugin that provides the base functionality and then the Table Builder plugin that is an addon for the ultimate in product tables.

The main plugin that powers all of the features for Amalinks Pro and must be installed for the Table Builder plugin to function. This plugin contains all the setup for running an Amazon API integrated platform for your WordPress Amazon niche site.

There are many tools that are included in the plugin that can help serve your needs in multiple ways, from someone who prefers to just mention in content links to people who build sites with big features like calls to action and more the plugin helps you to speed up your creation process.

In-Line Links

This is a simple inline link insertion with the product you choose where you can set to the 24 hour cookie or the 90 day cookie, these are the most simple and quick way to insert a link to get different needs addressed.


There are two different button types available within Amalinks Pro, they are an Amazon button (within TOS), or a custom button creation option that allows you to make a button with custom hover and non-hover settings!

Full API Image Access

Many plugins may provide an image or a specific size that you can use in your blog posts but the Amalinks Pro plugin will provide access to numerous images listed in the API along at 3 different sizes for your needs, small, medium, and large.

Product Showcases

This is by far my favorite function within the main plugin as it helps to create in a few clicks a very modern and sleek looking Call To Action showcase for the product you are discussing.

This is available for API and NON-API Amazon affiliates that means you can maintain continuity across you site while you work to get fully API approved.

Using the API the Product Showcase will pull in the Title, Price, Details, and link a button to the sales page. With the new update to version 2.0 they have now included far more showcase options to allow you to fine tune your display with smaller boxes, more images!!

Event Tracking For Amalinks Pro

Amalinks Pro has code built in that will assist you in keeping track of your link clicks from visitors that can be sent to Google Analytics. This allows you to know whether you have a high performing page along with which specific button was clicked.

Integrates Effortlessly with GeniusLink

If you want to run your links through GeniusLink instead of through Amazon OneLink there is a custom area provided to add in the required embed code from their service to help you redirect as necessary.

This is a powerful table builder that allows you to put the information YOU choose to in front of your visitors, some are able to be pulled in from the API, others can be added as custom to help your readers.

Since this is a vertical table it is better for more items than the competition as AAWP has a item horizontal table which will leave you with a max of 4-5 items on a desktop and mobile just single items stacked (hard to scroll or read in context).

Fully Responsive Setup

Unlike other tables that on mobile just allow scrolling to the side as their “responsive” setup on Amalinks Pro you can choose to hide columns that show up once they click on the product as an expansion area underneath.

This ensures that you can customize the tables to your site, what people need to understand about responsive is that every site is different as to width for content and you need to learn to tailor your content for your site as this shouldn’t be automatic to give best performance.

Amalinks Pro has 4 tiers for purchasing their plugin to help every blogger fit their needs, if you are just a normal blogger with a single website then the “Blogger” plan will perfectly fit your needs.

Many will argue about yearly costs on plugins, what those people don’t understand is that to do support and continue to develop and build you HAVE to have income. The yearly cost for almost everyone would be covered in the sales the plugin will help you create if you focus on building a site.

From there the next plan is the “Basic” tier that is perfect for a beginner to affiliate marketing who is building more than one site at a time as this is much cheaper than buying 3 “blogger” licenses independently.

The “Premium” tier plan is when you are a large scale blogger with multiple sites all being built and you are looking to monetize them all through Amazon. In addition this allows others to post content and add Amazon links without having your personal Amazon sign-in.

The “Platinum” is for those who don’t want yearly costs and prefer a LTD, or Lifetime Deal. This means you pay once and never need to pay again for the license, this more than pays for itself as you carry on year over year!

Before moving on to the installation, double-check below and make sure you are ready to configure and run Amalinks Pro.

Below are the steps to follow to setup AmaLinks Pro successfully in your WordPress website:

There are only a few things you must make sure you can do to run the Amalinks Pro plugin on your website. We have condensed it into 3 core needs below:

Installation on WordPress Website

After you install and activate the plugins you will need to activate them to get access to the features contained.

For anyone who is focusing on an Amazon Affiliate niche site the Amalinks Pro plugin is definitely a powerful tool to have access when trying to build rich content.

Amazon limits your tools to links and a cruddy image that would work in the 1990s but is really an afterthought in today’s internet world with quality graphics. Amalinks Pro provides you access to all those images that the vendor adds within the API leading you to some very nice images and a feature rich post.

I will definitely ensure that Amalinks Pro runs on all my sites when they are going to feature Amazon products to ensure I can provide my readers enticing reasons to click through to Amazon and make those purchases and would highly suggest you do the same!

I love technology, I have plenty of technical side experience but never really thought of blogging as a way to earn an income. With everything that has gone on in the last couple years and the instability of the job markets I started to learn how to blog and build affiliate niche sites to add more income channels to give me the chance to break free from the financial chains that bind me and find real freedom!