Acabado WordPress Theme Review

by Josh Koop | Last Updated: July 22, 2020
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One would wonder why I would be dong a WordPress theme review for Acabado, considering that I run and tweak this theme consistently I think I am a quality reviewer for the product versus these other con jobs online.

Why Choose Acabado? For those people looking to start their blog today without worrying about spending days and hours just trying to get it configured for their use. Acabado is the most perfect theme in the world for deploying content in a user friendly manner, especially for a newbie.

Now does this mean it is the only option or that it is necessarily the RIGHT option, well that is going to take some discussion instead. For most people Acabado is probably a perfect start for their first year of blogging, it is straight forward posts and pages and allows you to focus on content.

Why Choose a Fast No Frills Theme Like Acabado?

Look, it is going to be 8 months on average for your first content to be hitting its stride in the Google SERPs, this comes from many different sources compiled.

Since you have 8 months where you won’t be ranking for much of anything with much quality the use of Acabado is a perfect form meeting need. You can use Acabado and be ready to start posting within ten minutes, I have a video on YouTube proving this.

This means regardless of your overall skill with WordPress and blogging in general that you can get yourself up and installed in a expedited manner with Acabado.

This is why I start almost all my sites on this theme now as it is highly functional and fast. All your Google PageSpeed Insights scores stay high, it is mobile oriented for speed and these will help you eek out those little scoring benefits to rank faster at the beginning.

Core Benefits and Tools Which Are Baked Into Acabado

Acabado comes with a tremendous amount of value built within it which most the time you would need to supplement with plugins for on another theme. Below is a good starting list to let you see what comes with Acabado and allows for such fast website building.

  • SEO Toolset
  • Page Loading Speeds
  • Pinterest Image Embed
  • Mobile First Functionality
  • Bounce Protection Option

SEO Toolset

The Acabado theme has SEO based tools built directly in to allow you to submit a sitemap the second you install the theme. You can then add the HTML sitemap to the footer which will then let everyone know the pages and posts available on your site.

  • Meta Description Customization – Instead of just submitting the first line or two of the post you have a custom meta description section built into the bottom of each post.
  • XML Sitemap – This is the sitemap you always need to submit to Google Search Console to start letting Google know you exist and helps update them each time you post new content.
  • HTML Sitemap – This sitemap is for your users to be able to look at all the website content in a single page, typically added to a footer menu.
  • Schema Markup / Structured Data – This allows Google to understand the content of your pages better and helps you get those pretty looking SERP results for things like your recipes.

The benefits of the SEO helps to get you moving incredibly fast in the game of content creation. Not having to download an SEO plugin and then configure the plugins will speed you up immensely.

Page Loading Speeds

When you install a theme you may not realize how slow it loads for everyone else other than you. With Acabado the size has been tweaked to almost perfection to allow the page to score very fast in overall loading which means your users will tend to stick around and read on.

Scores like these are very common even on shared hosting

Mobile First Functionality

The Acabado theme loads incredibly fast even on mobile devices which in today’s world can be a large percentage of your website visitors. Long gone are the days of desktop viewership being the majority of your visitors.

This means having a theme which can load faster and effective for your mobile visitors will give you a solid leg up on most of your competition as their sites will normally be slow and feature large files.

Pinterest Image Embeds

With each post you can set a specific image that if someone pins the post it will show as an option for them to choose to pin to their boards. This image doesn’t show on your site and it allows the person visiting a quality pin they would WANT and LOVE to add to their boards.

Bounce Protection Option

Bounce protection is another feature where when the browser detection shows a movement towards leaving the site it will popup a custom box that you can choose what to do or show that visitor.

Whether you choose to show them a discount coupon for an info guide, or maybe your top post that almost everyone reads per your metrics, what you want here is to pull them into one more post to help massage your bounce rate and hopefully get another reader.

Acabado WordPress Theme Review

Why Would You Migrate to Another Theme?

This doesn’t mean that the theme is perfect, once you start to deviate from this passive blog style and into a more authority site you will more than likely need to transition into phase two of your websites life.

Acabado Limitations

Acabado‘s largest limitation is the large amount of back end code minification which was done by the developers for Income School to reach the fast speeds. This was done to help ensure that you didn’t load your site down with plugin after plugin but it does in the end limit the possibilities within Acabado.

As many who come here know I do modify it a lot, even getting it fully functional with WooCommerce and still maintains pretty impressive speeds.

The thing with this is it takes a tremendous amount of time to try to massage the plugin and system into Acabado, so unless you like it that much if your site is growing and you want to move forward with more ease this is the point where you need to make that decision.

Final Thoughts on Acabado

Honestly I think this theme is perfect for the needs it is built for, unfortunately we have people who think that one theme should do everything for everyone. If you are that person then this may not be the theme for you, and your not the demographic it is aimed at either.

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