Making YouTube Links Ask for a Subscription

by Josh Koop | Last Updated:  July 25, 2020
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When you link from your own website to a YouTube video of your own you should use this little tweak to ensure if they visit the link to YouTube that you possibly pull them in as a subscriber. Many times you rely on only the video to gain subscribers when you can influence your count by padding the video with the subscribe command.

It is as simple as taking your YouTube site location

Then appending the “subscribe” code to the end.


This can be appended onto any video link you publish helping to boost your chance at grabbing subscribers who will just click yes out of habit. This also ensures a chance to have retargeting back at them on other videos even if they don’t hit the damn notification bell.

So your end result for a straight shot sub at your channel would look like:

Take a look and even though I have no videos currently please feel free to subscribe!

Example from a video NOT EMBEDABLE (only in the link underneath, FYI):

Video By: The Blackalachian – Watch Now On YouTube
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