Adding Captions To Your Videos

by Josh Koop | Last Updated:  July 26, 2020
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Ever wonder how people record a video and they have the nice black box of text below the video? Well below is a nice simple way through only a few logical steps to help you get these done without any additional personal video editing.

If you ever need to burn captions to a video for your websites, here’s a workflow I just found. I haven’t tried this yet but the tools are definitely not currently watermarked and provide the assistance listed.

  1. Upload your audio to and transcribe (Seems quite accurate!)
  2. Upload video to YouTube
    • Attach the .txt file you downloaded from Otter
    • Publish this file as subtitles
  3. Download the finished file from YouTube
  4. Upload video again but now to
  5. Attach your to video and tadah! The captions are burned on the video.

Both Otter and Kapwing are free to use with no watermarks.

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