Bonsai Trees Niche

by Josh Koop | Last Updated: July 25, 2020
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I fondly remember the first Bonsai Tree I saw was in the movie Karate Kid, at that time I found it weird but neat. Fast forward to now and I always am looking into topics and hobbies which could be converted into a niche website to try and build a passive income and I came across this topic again.

100+ year old bonsai pomegranate tree, with one pomegranate - Bonsai Trees Niche
100+ year old bonsai pomegranate tree, with one pomegranate

What I found was impressive and really surprising and not at the same time, the niche is definitely strong and has been consistently productive and could yield a high quality site that could bring in money for years to come as the information is highly evergreen and not prone to dramatic changes which is perfect for a niche site.

Why Choose A Bonsai Tree Niche?

As I look into niches I love to find diamonds in the rough as to less competition from direct affiliate marketers while having a chance for a solid income, from any sources as I am not tied to only one and I would hope you follow the same.

Bonsai trees aren’t new but they have been consistently searched and have a very hardcore user base that live and breathe them, what you would do would be to approach this as a beginner to help the other beginners become more advanced.

For this niche I would suggest looking into getting your own bonsai tree and develop the skills so that you can learn and fit in, this niche has a lot of openings in YouTube which can get traffic but would heavily benefit from you having your tree in the video too.

One of the stronger points to this niche is that the bonsai trees are highly cared for and something that isn’t tied to a season, seasonality is a big issue for people looking for niche-based income as it can dramatically fluctuate when offseason hits.

Last 12 Months

Over the last 12 months you can see a general uptick in the search over the last 12 months, this is overwhelmingly positive for starting to build a site. As you can see there was a big bump up which correlates to the pandemic and lockdown so that bump may drop off over the next year.

When you are looking at the 12 month graphs you are really wanting to see stability within the niche and that it isn’t a fad with a huge cliff upcoming.

Last Five Years

This shows the stability of a niche over your sites lifetime which shows a consistent growth in search year over year. This means if you take the time to build a nice website in this niche you will consistently have the ability to get traffic, this plus being evergreen is a amazing niche to start on.

Exploding Topic Details

I love to look at Exploding Topics to look into a niche outside of Google Trends as it helps me see what the actual percent growth is over time and as you can see in ten years this topic has grown by almost 200%.

You can think of this as the elevator at a possible ground floor and you have a chance to grow alongside the topic itself and grow into the expert for others!

Online Presence and Community

There look to be many online communities around Bonsai Trees between forums, Quora questions, and Facebook you should have a lot of places to use for research that can be fully unique to your site only.


Many of the bigger blogs look to have forums as part of their sites which means there is a vast trove of content they have in the forums you could probably borrow from to build your site.

Joining some of these forums may be an option though I would pay attention to see if any of them are actually active as forums have been slowly disappearing over time as other social efforts dominate them.


There is a Quora Topic directly on bonsai Trees with 17.1k followers so it has a solid follower base on Quora that you could use to build answers and gain some traffic from.


I love using Facebook groups for free content, most of them all you need to do is come up with content where you would want votes and then after you are in a group for a little bit to establish yourself post a question.

Then you can use the data you gather from them to build a post with awesome calls like the below:

I asked xxxxx people from a leading Facebook xxxxxxx Group about xxx and this is what they told me…

After you finish creating this content make sure it is highly sharable and drop the link back into the Facebook group and say that you used their feedback to make this post and you wanted to share and get their feedback.

This will pull people back to your site and help Google see this post is interesting and hopefully those people will love it and re-share it to their other groups!


Digging in shows the highest views on a bonsai tree video at nearly 3.8 to 4.2 million views. The average views on videos with Bonsai Tree in the title come in at with high view counts on page one. There is definitely search volume you can use to drive people to your site and information products while building a channel.

Online Media For Posts

There is loads of images available online for Bonsai Trees from places like UnSplash to more stock related sites similar to Dreamstime or DepositPhotos.

Bonsai Tree on wooden block - Photo by Mark Tegethoff on Unsplash
Photo by Mark Tegethoff on Unsplash

Buyer Keywords

Looking into the buyer keywords there are a lot of gaps in quality individual product reviews. The top 10 style listicles aren’t anything super and if you were to come in and drop a 10 item 3500 word lists (a 350-word pro, con, description, would hit this target with ease) you would rank more than likely with ease in many of the listicle categories.

Buyer Intent Keywords

There are quite a few buyer intent keywords on best style options. If you open up and do a best ten list followed up with each as a full review this could lead you to some quality traffic and Amazon purchases.

  • best bonsai trees for beginners
  • best bonsai trees for indoors
  • best tools for bonsai trees

Search Analysis

Performing an overall search analysis on the topic of bonsai trees yields many easy to rank results for articles around 1250-2500 words. I would start the site today looking to cover many of these informational posts answering questions these visitors would want to have answered.

  • What bonsai trees do well indoors / what bonsai trees can be kept indoors
  • What bonsai trees are not poisonous to cats
  • What soil do bonsai trees need

Then I would jump into building out some more in-depth posts on successful bonsai management. There are reviews that look viable to cover and could be enhanced by using tools like AAWP or Amalinks Pro to set yourself apart from others.

From my searches, it looks like most reviews only feature the item by itself, many times with less than 650-750 words.

  • Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kits
  • Bonsai Tree Pots
  • Bonsai Tree Soil
  • Bonsai Tree Tools
  • Bonsai Tree Plants
  • Bonsai Tree Food

Monetization Options

The Bonsai Tree niche is always good for having multiple possibilities in income stream options. It is full of possible grooming products and pots, informational product options, along with advertisements will always yield a good return with an appropriate amount of views.

The three that stand out for this niche right away is going to be around the products worth at least $50-$100, and high-quality information products. After those ads should be fairly lucrative as the gardening niche users tend to be less tech so they rely less on ad blockers.

Affiliate Products

There are a lot of possible products for the Bonsai Tree niche, some even can range up to the $100 mark, like the custom pots but you will need to find a good affiliate. While not a huge cash cow I would make sure to you link appropriately and I would ensure you position some of the higher value products in your sidebar.

Info Products

This topic feels like it would have at least some varying options available for a solid info product that you could sell for $14.95 or higher with relative ease. Many of these will be a good extra income generator as the products overall are smaller in relative value.


Bonsai Trees and the gardening niche seem to have a value of $5-25 EPMV from reading users’ reports online, tending to go higher value with Ezoic, Mediavine, and Monumetric as your traffic levels increase. I would suggest skipping Adsense and working on content that ranks higher until you can start with Ezoic.

Quality Domains Available


Final Thoughts on Choosing Bonsai Trees as a Niche

If you want a solid evergreen niche then Bonsai Trees are ripe for a nice long term site build where you can gain ground but have it rank for years and years to come. From the available keywords and the cracks presented I hope that someone decides this is worth their time and gets to researching and posting.

Please feel free to contact me if this was useful and informative, also feel free to drop things you would appreciate research on and I would love to cover them. If you don’t want to leave it publicly then head over to the contact page and drop me a line. Please share this out to others who you think may find this useful and I’ll be back with another one next week!

I love technology, I have plenty of technical side experience but never really thought of blogging as a way to earn an income. With everything that has gone on in the last couple years and the instability of the job markets I started to learn how to blog and build affiliate niche sites to add more income channels to give me the chance to break free from the financial chains that bind me and find real freedom!