Acabado: Fixing Italics and Bold Font on Pages

by Josh Koop | Last Updated:  July 26, 2020
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Numerous people were reporting issues with having bold or italicized text on their blog roll pages. So I dug in much more to find the bug and the fix is below until the next update comes out.

The lowdown is that what is causing it is the code in the themes function.php (around line 735)

You have to open the Theme Editor and locate functions.php from the right-hand side.

Find this below code on around line 735

$excerpt = strip_tags( $content, '<b><strong><em>' );

as soon as I remove it from leaving in tags (b, strong, em) then it is fine

$excerpt = strip_tags( $content );

This is due to the content in my first paragraph having these tags and I would expect the code in the theme tells it not to remove it from the excerpt, but then on the blog there is no ending or which makes ALL CONTENT AFTER THIS HAVE THE BOLD AND ITALIC OR WHATEVER WAS ENABLED.

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