What Can You Do With SEMrush To Dominate Your Competition?

by Josh Koop | Last Updated: June 25, 2020
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SEMrush is a useful tool for those looking to take their websites up the SERP rankings. It features very useful and powerful tools that can help you leverage this knowledge to benefit your website.

With SEMrush you have the ability to perform many useful searches along with research. They offer competitive analysis, and SEO. They have the ability to assist in building a social following and help dial in pay per click. These are the tools that help the best maintain their positions!

We are going to dive into the major tools which are a part of SEMrush so that you can decide where it can help you leverage against your competition. If you are interested there is a FREE 7 day trial here, note that I am an affiliate but love the tool and believe you will too.

SEMrush Tools To Dominate Your Niche

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When you are looking for tools in SEO that can help you become a better and stronger brand you have few choices which have enough data to be useful. SEMrush is one of the strongest and is constantly building more tools and better ability to help you in your Search Engine Optimization attempts.

Lets examine each of the primary tools and what they can do for you and your business.

Competitive Research

Look into the methods and stats of your competition, use it to modify your approach and to take it to them. Using competitive research is the way the big brands stay ahead, why aren’t you doing the same?

Build Insights Into Rivals Marketing Strategies

Through this tool you can dig into how much traffic is coming from your competitions Facebook and other social media, ads, search engine and more allowing you to find what is the most lucrative for your own marketing.

Using these insights you can look at mobile traffic and see whether mobile or desktop drives the most traffic to them and to yourself. Then you can use this to target the traffic more efficiently.

Brand monitoring is the ability to build a campaign to capture all mentions of your competition or your own brand. You can then use this information to find the places which reference them the most and then target them yourself.

Backlink evaluation will allow you to look at who links to yourself or your competitors. You can then sort this list by a large amount of metrics, like Domain Authority, most anchors and more.

Backlink evaluation will also give you a way to look at gaps in your links. Including information like when a competitor has a link that you don’t which allows you to look at building a relationship and links from those same sources.

Media Purchase Strategy Versus Competition

What would happen if you could see all the media, text and HTML your competitors are using in their advertising? Could you use this to create answering ads or beat them at their own ad strategy?

This information also includes how much density the competitors used on displays ads with desktop, tablet and mobile.

Organic Research and Traffic Analysis

The ability to evaluate the market position from different perspectives using multiple metrics including competition, traffic, positions and more!

Traffic analysis allows you to look at whether it is worth it to advertise on a given site based on multiple markers that would possibly let you know how valuable the site would be to your bottom line.

Search Engine Optimization

This is the meat and potatoes to getting your site to have consistent traffic as you really are looking for the traffic that is organically able to find you online. Ads work well but only for the time that you are paying for them, what you want is a balance in this so that when ads don’t run you still see valuable customers reach you.

Repair Technical SEO Issues Before They Impact Business

SEMrush features a site audit which has over 80 on-page and technical SEO checks to ensure you don’t have any issues holding your website back.These include duplicate content issues, AMP issues, broken links, crawl-ability and more!

You can choose to include or remove any pages on your site enabling you to be in total control of your pages and audits. These scans can be setup to run daily or weekly as a recrawl to let you know and keep you up to date.

Bad links can cause Google and other search engines to not trust you and your content, which can move you down the rankings and cause you loss in revenue. SEMrush provides powerful tools to manage and maintain your site and inform you of these links before they impact you.

This also includes health checkups which will be emailed to you based on how often you would like to be notified. This means even if you are busy in the day to day you can get an email reminder of no issues and peace of mind or that you have to focus on an issue.

SERP Rank Tracking

Knowing where you rank on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is important to any business with an online presence. If you rank lower than your competitor it can mean a massive decrease in the clicks to your website.

SEMrush provides the ability to track your rankings and receive notifications based on any changes which occur whether gaining or losing positions. This tracking extends to up to 30 of your closest competitors also so you can see if they are on the rise or falling off and adjust your tactics in relation.

Efficient Keyword Searching

SEMrush has helpful tools to group and subgroup keywords helping take the bland out of searching. They also feature real-time metrics allowing you to actively track CPC, search volumes, click potential, and even AdWords potential!

They also have a question based query which can take your keyword and show you the best queries which hit on that keyword, this allows you to build posts around the questions with good search volume and low keyword difficulty scores.

Keyword difficulty scores are built into SEMrush which allows you to evaluate whether you have a chance to rank for a given keyword before you take the time to write the content. This can save you hours and hours of time and allow you to target where you can place first reliably.

Social Media

Do you ever feel like the effort you put into Social Media analysis doesn’t pay off? SEMrush comes bundled with some powerful tools to help you master this arena as well!

Locate Competitions Best Performing Social Engagement

The social media tracker tracks actively on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Providing you vital measures at your fingertips including audience, activity and engagement!

You can use these tools to track your competitors best performing social actions and content along with finding their best or most efficient platform.

Social Media Poster Toolset

If you are a social media fanatic then this tool is your friend! It is built to help coordinate posting to four different platforms from one source. It has the ability to schedule posts and queue waiting for your chosen time to post them to the world!

Build content ideas through curation from your favorite sources via things like their RSS feed, allowing you to add it to your schedule as a post to social media!

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Anyone who has managed a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign knows the managing the lists of keywords can take hours of slow, time consuming, monotonous work.

PPC Keyword Tracking Tools

SEMrush features a PPC keyword tool aimed specifically to help you see your competitors keywords and additional long-tailed keywords along with identify the best keywords for your local campaigns.

The PPC keyword tracking tools help to eliminate double word use and to streamline your work by eliminating extra or unnecessary elements from your keyword lists.

The tool also provides you the ability to export out an AdWords friendly csv file which can then be imported in without extra effort. This CSV fits all of the AdWords requirements and needs.

Ad Builder Tool To Help When Motivation Or Skill Can’t

This tool is available from SEMrush to help you scope out ads and to explore others ads via seed keywords and domains. This tool also provides you a structured way to build an ad, giving you the limits to character count, instant previews and more!

Content Marketing

Building a relationship within your readership and with those within your niche is important and shouldn’t be forgotten in the mix! One of the biggest challenges in today’s exploding internet is getting topics which are relevant and searchable.

Build Engaging Topics With Topic Research Tool

Using SEMrush allows you to find engaging content for your visitors that will resonate and draw them in further at just a click. You can choose to prioritize them by volume, difficulty or topic efficiency.

Featuring data based analytics allows you to view what headlines or topics get more backlinks, along with the opportunity to look at what online communities are discussing.

Build With Confidence Using the SEO Content Template

You get some functional recommendations in regards to your page title, meta descriptions and more while using the SEO content template tool. You have the ability to view how rivals and competitors use your targeted keywords.

Also included is the ability to get semantically related words to your main keywords along with what domains you should target to get high quality backlinks from for your site. Add in the ability to get a readability score and assistance to get a suggested length you can’t go wrong!

Perform Content Audits to Validate Old Content

Evaluation within SEMrush helps you find your content which is performing as expected and what content needs to have a touch up or possibly full re-write.

These tools for content cover things like social shares, backlinks, quality and overall user behaviors on your site.

SEO Writing Advice

Another amazingly helpful tool is the SEO Writing Assistant which can help you by providing real-time scoring while build a post in Google Docs or WordPress!

This includes a plagiarism check on the content to ensure that you aren’t going to be flagged for duplicate or stolen content. This tool also can provide you the ability to understand the tone being used to ensure you are appropriately hitting your intended tone.

Final Thoughts on What Can You Do With SEMrush

While there are many tools on the market today, SEMrush continues to be a power in the sphere of influence due to their continual ability to build new and unique, helpful tools that help you become successful.

This is where most blogger, niche and authority websites struggle, how to find the right consumer for your content and how to ensure you place your content in front of their faces consistently.

I hope that this shows you the power in using tools to give you more awesome performance and to help take your business to the next level! I would say at least try the 7 days for free on SEMrush and see how you can improve your website immediately!

I love technology, I have plenty of technical side experience but never really thought of blogging as a way to earn an income. With everything that has gone on in the last couple years and the instability of the job markets I started to learn how to blog and build affiliate niche sites to add more income channels to give me the chance to break free from the financial chains that bind me and find real freedom!