Income School Project 24 Review By A Current Student

by Josh Koop | Last Updated: June 25, 2020
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When people start looking at classes and courses offered online there are almost a million options that can lead to anxiously making a choice. Income School is run by Jim and Ricky who are very open about their niche sites and can and will show you proof that they have achieved the goal s you want to reach yourself.

If you are just wanting some validations from another individual then I would say to sign up and start buildng your Project 24 site today!


This is how they are able to stand out from the crowd as they don’t just speak it, they live it. Building passive and/or authority sites take much more effort and time investment than most course sellers explain and try to sell you, this is where Income School leads the competition in not overpromising and giving you false expectations.

Who Is Income School?

Income School is the company of Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler which started with their Niche Site School for many years. Niche site school was a course built to help people begin their process of becoming affiliate site owners.

Jim and Ricky are both from Idaho, are very normal (not crazed marketers), wholesome, individuals who value their families and having time to enrich their lives. This is what drew me into their YouTube channel in the first place and got me really, earnestly, thinking about how to make an income and free myself from my day job.

Jim and Ricky over at Income School run a large selection of income-producing niche sites which range from pets to outdoor hobbies like dirt bikes and camping. Click here to see some examples of their sites on their website, then click on their about section.

Over time the course grew more complex and more detailed. This was when they started to build what would be a bigger, more comprehensive version of that original program whose name would be Project 24.

Income School Project 24 Review (What Is It?)

Project 24 is Income School’s flagship course which has been assembled to show you how you can build an affiliate marketing business from scratch.

They have a system of building your business which helps to build trust and engagement from the viewers without being one of those “spammy” review sites. You then work to build content in a ratio they prescribe which helps build value in Google and users allowing it to rank well over time.

After you have built the site and worked towards setting it up without aiming at monetization you will, in a later stage, go back and look at how to monetize through products ad networks and information products.

The current course is laid out in lessons that include multiple videos that are there to help you go from a complete newbie into a full-time income generating blogger and digital entrepreneur.

They continue to build new courses and have introduced a Pinterest course, YouTube course and much more.

The Project 24 Course Covers

  • How to pick a niche (topic) for your business.
  • How to craft and write content that ranks well with Google
  • How to build the traffic on your website and convert it to an income
  • How to pick affiliate programs/offers related to your niche
  • How to build your WordPress website
  • How to scale your traffic into the thousands
  • How to become a business owner online.
Income School Project 24 Review By A Current Student

Benefits To Income School Project 24

There are a great number of benefits to the Project 24 course from Income School. They range from setting good expectations for your website to the steps to build your first, and possibly more niche sites.

Below we are going to go over some of the key benefits to your Project 24 subscription and how they help you achieve your goals faster and with more efficiency.

Income School 60 Steps Outline

The course which lists out 60 steps will take you from the very start of day one through your complete initial site giving you the springboard to build your empire. The steps explain what your goal is on that day (or days depending on your free time) to make sure you complete the first initial site with all the support within 60 days.

The Project 24 Timeline

To help you know where most websites are in terms of growth over time the Income School team has built a timeline that helps you know whether you are on track, ahead, or falling behind. This will be very helpful to those who need some kind of method to align their efforts as you go through a long “ghost town” typically when you start a blog for 6 months and sometimes longer.

Project 24 Podcast

This podcast releases each week with information about new things that Jim and Ricky are testing within the affiliate niches. These can provide a lot of insight and can help you possibly make some additional tweaks to your website which could help you drive sales.

Currently, there are 5 seasons worth of the podcast which is available only to members of Project 24 with a valid sign-in. Each episode tends to be around 25-30 minutes in length and each season is between 16-25 episodes which will give you weeks of listening to complete.

Income School WordPress Plugin(s)

Jim and Ricky also have spent time and invested to have an Amazon plugin created which was made to help out the Project 24 members and their Amazon affiliate offers.

Amazon Affiliate Linker – This does what is listed, it helps take any plain Amazon link on your website and tag it with your information to ensure you receive credit on the sales.

Acabado Theme Free To Active Members

The Acabado theme from Income School will get you up and started on the building of your content within hours of starting their course. It was built to have limited options and a straight forward look to allow you to focus on what will drive your income potential, your content.

Acabado is also available without a Project 24 subscription by clicking here for Acabado. They offer two payment choices that should fit the needs of anyone looking at getting started.

  • Lifetime License – $99 – This license will last forever, for as many sites as you want to use it on. It is the best license if you plan on launching multiple passive blogs.
  • Year License – $50 – This will be a valid license for your sites for 1 year from the point of purchase, depending on the need this may be the simple way to start.

Drawbacks To Income School Project 24

While many programs will have a long list of benefits and drawbacks there are a few key drawbacks I thought you should know before you make your purchase.

No Refunds On Purchase

Income School Project 24 Refund Policy clearly states no refunds on the purchase of Project 24 - Income School Project 24 Review By A Current Student

As with most purely information products where what is being sold is information there is a strict no refund policy. The reason for this is that people will sign up and watch the entire course load to learn the information and then ask for a refund attempting to gain knowledge for no expense.

Another issue with thinking you can get a refund is it may influence your will to put your full effort into accomplishing your success. While that may sound silly, many will fail to accomplish their goals, not due to the program or course, but more to their own lack of followthrough.

Non-Traditional Search Engine Optimization

The Income School method of not using keyword search numbers goes directly against the majority of the bigger sites and courses available online. This may mean if you have a background in SEO originally you may think the approach as a drawback.

In my opinion search volumes are incredibly incorrect and lead many to choose poorly on their keywords which then leads to little traffic, and then to quitting.

I would suggest you drop all previous “understanding” of keyword research and instead learn more about performing search analysis, this is a big change for many though and I felt I needed to call it our for those looking to join that this may be a pain point.

Is Project 24 For You?

Based on all of the presented information above, I feel that I can say optimistically that Project 24 is a perfect fit for almost any affiliate marketer who is just wanting to get started in a sane way with consistent help and support from a community and the leaders of the company.

If you are a beginner to intermediate in an understanding of affiliate marketing then this course is perfect for you and will help you gain experience and build something amazing. If you are a veteran then you will garner additional understanding on some key concepts which may assist you, many inside the course are more experienced and are growing still in knowledge.

Income School Webinar For Project 24

Video Courtesy Of Income School – View on the Income School YouTube Channel Here

Should You Wait For An Income School Coupon?

The course from Income School for Project 24 to date has not had any coupon deals to make the course less expensive. What you need to do is change your mindset to focus instead on the value the course will provide you in helping take control of a secondary income source.

Similar Courses To Project 24

Each of these below has created large, vast groups of successful businesses. They aren’t my cup of tea but may fit you better if the two wholesome dudes above didn’t, I just want to see you succeed and options help each person find their match.

  • Wealthy Associates – This course is much more around only trying to pull more people into the course. There are success stories to be had and they have a community so check it out as maybe it will be a better fit for you, it is less expensive each month.

Final Thoughts on My Personal Income School Project 24 Review

There are many hands trying to sell you courses which will speak about their “success” stories and try to sell you that everyone succeeds. Jim and Ricky will talk frequently about wins and losses and when things like the Medic update hit the web they will try to help understand what it helps and hinders.

While I hope that everyone succeeds who reads these posts and my site, in general, I know a large percent will never achieve the level they can reach as they will quit before they can win.

If you join please reach out to me inside for assistance and I will help you try to hit the ground running, your first 60 days will teach you an immeasurable amount on how long it will take you to complete the course.

I would love to be with you on every step you take. When you sign up to leave a comment below and I’ll work out how to link up on the forums.

I love technology, I have plenty of technical side experience but never really thought of blogging as a way to earn an income. With everything that has gone on in the last couple years and the instability of the job markets I started to learn how to blog and build affiliate niche sites to add more income channels to give me the chance to break free from the financial chains that bind me and find real freedom!