How To Set Up Website Monitoring with Status Cake

by Josh Koop | Last Updated: June 25, 2020
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When you start a business online there are some beneficial tools to set up which will provide you peace of mind when you aren’t able to monitor it. The largest fear is that your website will be down and you will be unaware due to not having access or missing the email your host may send you.

Core Steps To Configure Website Monitoring:

  1. Sign Up For A 100% No Card Needed Free Account
  2. Set Up [ HTTP ] Test
  3. Set Check to [ 1 Hour ]
  4. Enter [ Full URL ] for your website
  5. Set a Test Name [ Uptime Monitor for ]
  6. Set [ Contact Group ] to [ Default ]
StatusCake Settings Page - How To Set Up Website Monitoring

Now we can jump into why you should have website monitoring on your affiliate sites and any website you have online. When you have money tied into website performance a downtime is a loss in possible revenue to your bottom line!

Cloud computing to manage website downtime notifications - How To Set Up Website Monitoring

Why Use Website Monitoring?

Monitoring your website across many performance factors can let you know more details that are important to your business. The largest value add is monitoring your website as to its availability for your visitors, this is called Uptime monitoring.

What is Website Uptime Monitoring?

Uptime is the single most important item to an online presence when you run a website or business. So managing and monitoring your website uptime is very important as you want and need to be notified the minute your website isn’t available to your potential customers.

Uptime monitoring specifically looks and checks your website providing you a notice if it should find it to be unavailable.

Who Is Status Cake?

Status Cake is a company who provides powerful monitoring tools that are quick-and-easy to set up. They have been able to provide strong consistent performance for companies who can’t afford to have downtime to their online businesses.

Status Cake also is able to provide instant alerts to email and mobile SMS texts. These then allow you to trust that you will be notified the moment your site goes down.

They provide you the ability to gain insights into how your website’s performance is impacting your customers’ experiences allowing you to beat your competitors.

Why Choose Status Cake?

The reason we chose them and the reason you should also choose Status Cake is that they support some very large and powerful websites and companies. They actually monitor Microsoft, Netflix, Fandual, and many more high tier companies, if they trust them then why wouldn’t I?

They provide a lot of high-end tools that allow you to monitor many parts of your online business and ensure you aren’t losing out on valuable visitors from search engines.

Uptime Monitoring (Free Plan+)

Uptime monitoring is really a core need of online businesses, without it, you may not know that you’ve been losing visits while your site is offline. This can happen due to host issues or other problems like a bad save, knowing when this is occurring can save you a lot of headaches and money.

Status Cake provides multiple methods to test your website’s availability as often as you need. They provide you the ability to build them to automatically track events from over 28 countries worldwide.

They also provide numerous different possible checks using the following protocols: HTTP, HEAD, TCP, DNS, SMTP, SSH, PING and PUSH. Each of these is able to test different possible issues within the uptime status of your website, they provide a large knowledgebase to help you understand more and help configure each.

Domain Monitoring (Superior+)

More issues than many are aware occur where the owner of a domain loses that control, either failing to renew or if it should become hijacked through other means. Status Cake has alerts that can trigger when it is time to renew your domain or if the records related to it have somehow changed.

SSL Monitoring (Superior+)

In 2019 you can no longer decline to run a website without an SSL certificate on it, especially now as Google is starting to make it very pronounced to website visitors that your site is insecure. Having no website SSL certificate can impact your search engine rankings as well as overall user trust.

SSL monitoring lets you know when your certificate is going to expire to ensure that you will not forget or miss this notice.

Server Monitoring (Superior+)

In server monitoring, you have the ability to be informed when you have Linux servers and they exceed resource utilization. The thresholds are fully customizable and are available for CPU, RAM and disk utilization.

Page Speed Monitoring (Free Plan+)

Having an automated page speed test can be very valuable to see how your normal, everyday user encounters your website. Many times you work on the site from your pc so everything is saved locally meaning it loads much faster for you than for others who come to your site.

Measuring this speed from multiple locations can be done when you upgrade the plan to get additional locations for testing.

Virus Scanning (Superior+)

Infections to websites can happen with your addition of code, plugins or just from a hacker gaining access to your platform. Having an active scanning that can notify you when threats are detected can help you defend your online presence and catch problems before they become too widespread.

Reporting (Superior+)

If you aren’t one to sign into multiple dashboards then reporting from them is important. With reporting, you can have the results and feedback sent directly to your inbox with the pertinent information around the overall uptime of your site and any page speed test results performed.

Global Testing (Superior+)

When you upgrade your account to superior or higher you gain access to where you run tests from. This is powerful as a tool to see how people from all over the world interact with your website which can help you know if you need to look at managing site speeds from any of Status Cake testing locations which expand from 48 locations, in 28 countries across the world.

Final Thoughts on How To Set Up Website Monitoring

The tools and services provided from Status Cake are amazing considering they start at a free tier without a credit card or time limitation. The value then gets more layered as you enhance your membership as you grow to allow for more checks and faster frequency of the checks.

No one having an online business should ever have to wonder whether the site they run is online, start over at Status Cake for free and at least you will have some peace of mind that your website is running and available to your customers.

Please feel free to contact me if you found this helpful and if you found this to be informative please share with those people who you know run websites to ensure they are protected!

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