How to Discover Exploding Topics: Beating Your Competition

by Josh Koop | Last Updated: May 5, 2020
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Something many bloggers wish they had was a way to see the future and start building sites up before they hit their stride. This is hard to do as most organic search will take upwards of 8 months to fully bring in traffic at a valuable volume.

How to discover exploding topics? There are two very solid ways to find topics which are growing fast. These are exploding topics which means they are typically not very known and hence much easier to rank for allowing you to gather much more search traffic.

What you need to do is learn how you can use the below tools to make some judgments on possible blog options, the sooner you start the better a chance you have to ride the wave in and gain traffic and become THE authority on the subject should you choose to.

Tricks to Discover Exploding Topics

There are many ways you can find out about topics which may be in the process of becoming the next big “thing”. If you have kids in school they may be faster than any internet resource as to letting you know about something which is gaining popularity.

I always listen to my daughter and the things which are occurring at school, from Vsco girls to TikTok, she has been ahead of the curve on informing me of “in” things well ahead of the news or online media.

Now when you don’t have a kid who can provide you information the next best thing is the stores and news, these may bring up some topics and ideas that could lend themselves to a blog, I honestly listen when I watch specifically for things I could turn into a website.

The next method, the one used by many marketers online is going to be Google Trends. Google Trends is valuable as it has access to the data only Google actually has, it can tell you whether something is dying or growing exponentially.

One of the newest players online was recently purchased by Brian Dean and turned into the website which is pretty cool to dig into many niches for ideas.

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The Google Trends tool is not very known in many circles, and since they don’t know it exists they don’t see the potential it can expose for niche marketers.

The people who do know what it is may reject using it as it doesn’t give any volume, which seems to be the number that niche marketers are always stuck on, they don’t want to make a site that works for too few people.

Google Trends shows search volume based on a max search and minimum search which uses a value chart of 0 (lowest search volume) and 100 (most searched volume) but this drives people crazy since it gives no search totals even just what the peak was.

Instead of thinking in search volume you can use this scale to help you understand about what the volume is, add a search term where you understand the relative volume.

The addition of the search term where you more understand volume can help you then determine if the topic you are looking into is more a fit for a micro niche, niche, authority site or whether you even want to proceed to build it.

There is numerous timescales available to choose in Google Trends, for you as an internet marketer you will want to set the time to at least 5 years. This allows you to better see whether the curve is declining or growing which is invaluable to knowing if what you are building could be worth more or less tomorrow.

Example Trend For 5 Years Showing Paintballs Slow Decline in Popularity - Image is on a post about How to Discover Exploding Topics
Example Trend For 5 Years Showing Paintballs Slow Decline in Popularity

While the above graph does show a decline over time it can be difficult to visualize without another term where you more understand the search volume that exists. In this case I chose camping as it is a pretty large and heavily searched niche.

Comparing Paintball to Camping - Image is on a post about How to Discover Exploding Topics
Comparing Paintball to Camping

As you can see from the image there is definitely less traffic available to a person deciding to build a paintball niche website, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it on but that it will require some work and some ingenious monetization versus just Amazon.

The only thing that Google Trends lets me down on is the ability to find things which are growing fast or continually, you have some capability to look at what people are searching for but I instead have migrated to a new website to help with this process.

How You Can Use Website to Find Niches of the Future

This is where becomes a very nice and powerful tool to look into topics which are starting, growing, exploding, or that have peaked and are generally flat or now declining.

The Exploding Topics Website Homepage allows for searching by topic/ category type and timeframe - Image is on a post about How to Discover Exploding Topics

As a niche site maker this information can be very helpful in whether I decide to target a niche since Google can take upwards of 8 months or longer to fully rank your posts in their search engine.

The initial page is a simple selection for time-frame on the topic for the age to show, I personally will set this to 5 years as I want the historical runs on each topic I view.

The second selection is the ability to niche down into specific categories for your topics which can be things like products, luxury, home, money, and much more. These allow you to narrow your scope and you can select multiple categories together so money and fitness for example.

Hopefully this allows you to see the overall benefits that exist should you choose to start using and learning the Exploding Topics website. It is currently free to use as of the date posted and there hasn’t been talk of monetization of the platform.

Benefits of Discovering Exploding Topics

The largest benefit to discovering exploding topics before they have hit the mainstream is the ability to start building a site and posting content before other people can, this can allow you to rank much faster since there will be no competition for those terms.

This can almost result in a similar speed acceleration on your site and sales similar to when people launchjack other affiliate offers to make some quick money.

If you can build out content fast and efficient on a website and topic which are not well covered this can help springboard you into becoming an authority on the topic, helping you to gain more search traffic and giving you a jump on info products and other big money makers.

Drawbacks to Building Based on Exploding Topics

Ever hear of fidget spinners, yeah see that was an exploding topic and everyone jumped on board. The problem is as fast as it exploded it fully dwindled leaving people with massive quantities of the toy that they couldn’t sell.

For an affiliate marketer this is a compound effect though as you create your website you need to generate content, but this content doesn’t rank for months which means should you choose something similar to a fidget spinner it could die out before you ever have your website ranking and bringing you traffic.

Now if you were to go out and build a thirty post micro niche site this could be at the cost of $2000-$3000 in investment that you won’t get back so be cautious with exploding topics and you should always think about whether it is large enough on its own or whether you should niche up a level.

Final Thoughts About Discovering Exploding Topics

Hopefully this has helped you to learn a little bit more about the tools available to you online to find niches and ideas for niches using Google Trends and Exploding Topics.

Not all niches will turn out to make millionaires, not all will succeed at all, but I can tell you making the best choice at the start can save you months of frustration, I’ve dropped many sites that I put serious effort into building only to find I chose poorly or inefficiently.

I love technology, I have plenty of technical side experience but never really thought of blogging as a way to earn an income. With everything that has gone on in the last couple years and the instability of the job markets I started to learn how to blog and build affiliate niche sites to add more income channels to give me the chance to break free from the financial chains that bind me and find real freedom!