How To Create Amazon Affiliate Niche Site From Scratch

by Josh Koop | Last Updated: June 25, 2020
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Welcome to Niche Creator Studios where you can learn how to launch your passive or “niche” website. We provide information to help you transition from a smaller niche-based site into a trusted authority within your space.

We will do this by helping you build your site correctly which will lend itself to your growth later should you so choose. Please pay careful attention to the steps listed below as they will help give you a better chance for success!

How To Create Amazon Affiliate Niche Site From Scratch

Steps to Build Your Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

  1. Choose Your Niche (This May Help You Get a Good Start)
  2. Choose Your Domain (We Suggest NameCheap)
  3. Purchase Web Hosting (We Love SiteGround)
  4. Installing WordPress On SiteGround
  5. Installing Your WordPress Theme & Plugin Base (We Love Astra)
  6. Start Content Generation (Or Purchase)
    • Blend Of Informational and Product Content (50/50)
  7. Publicize Content

Now we are going to dig in on each step listed above in greater detail to help you get moving forward and to start generating content. This content will be what makes your site a success or a failure so starting to write is of the utmost importance now!

Choose Your Niche

When choosing your niche you want to pay careful attention to what your topic will be to cover as there are some caveats to time to rank that you should be aware of. These topics can take a very long time to rank when written about as opposed to hobbies and other topics.

Google has called these topics YMYL and they have been hit a lot in recent algorithm updates since these hits have caused some of these sites a loss in vast amounts of traffic, in many times up to 25% or more.

What is YMYL Content?

Google calls is Your Money or Your Life which means that content which could potentially cause harm to your money or your life will be more scrutinized and take more to be able to get yourself ranked. If you are wanting to build a niche in these sites and content you will have to spend far more time and effort to get content ranked.

It by no means makes this impossible as a niche but you will need to have some good credibility and dedication through a very long time without serious visitors. Some very cool and unique sites have been born even in this time of YMYL content.

Choose Your Domain

The reason you want to take this step later is while choosing your niche you may be very narrow sited in the starter concept. What you want to do here is to look at how narrow your niche choice is and then decide if it would benefit you to move one layer higher.

While this may seem like a small choice it can give you a tremendous amount of options to continue monetizing later that could be locked off based on this initial decision.

Think about a niche for terrier dogs, while this may feel expansive after your first few months generating content it may be hard to get any more involved in topics which will garner large volumes of traffic.

If, instead, you were to have selected the “dog niche” in domain naming though you could then branch out to retrievers or another breed.

This doesn’t mean you need to write about all dogs as soon as you start, in fact, I would stay very tightly focused on your original content. Then when you hit the limited return you start to branch out into the next dog breed, this allows you to constantly hit larger volumes of searches.

This is why you want to take a day or so and write down thoughts and ideas, build a content list around your narrow niche and see if expanding out a layer could do you tremendous benefits down the road.

Purchasing Web Hosting

This step is frequently jumped over to just get a site online. Many times this leads to picking a host that people see on Facebook or another social group online. This is the mistake I first made, I signed on with Bluehost without realizing how overloaded their servers frequently are, this leads to long load time before attempting to load your webpage!

I listened to a lot of experts and poured over their research and found the best option for 99% of business owners is SiteGround. I recommend this now and to be transparent I am an affiliate for them which means I make a commission if you sign up with their service. Their service will fit the needs of all but the most tech-fluent reading, yes you can find “faster” services but most of them without the customer support in place to help you face challenges.

I would suggest choosing at least the GrowBig choice from SiteGround as you will then have the ability to host more than one site at the same time and up to 25000 page views per month. This will give you some room to grow and possibly the ability to jump into a second niche.


I want to recommend now that you look at a minimum of two years for your hosting to extend the discount in your favor. Most sites will require 8-12 months to really start building in the traffic and if you aim short you will more than likely pay a lot more when you need to renew.

Building a website with a quality host, like Siteground, will help you be successful by maintaining a high up-time and seriously fast website load times. Both of which are a business need which shouldn’t be overlooked by an online business owner.

Installing WordPress on Siteground

Now we can start into the ground level of starting your Amazon affiliate site. WordPress runs a large portion of internet sites, not just blogs as it is very versatile.

Thankfully for these steps, it isn’t very complicated with a host like SiteGround to install and be running in less than 10 minutes!

Steps Involved For WordPress Install

Please note depending on your host these steps may be different from described below, please reach out to your host if you are having difficulties installing your WordPress CMS.

  1. Follow the link to sign in from SiteGround confirmation email
  2. Choose [ I already have a domain ]
  3. Skip site scanner option and [ Click Confirm ]
  4. Click the checkbox for [ I confirm ]
  5. Click [ Complete Setup ]
  6. Click [ Proceed to Customer Area ]
  7. Repoint Name Servers [ In Email, Paste into WebHost Domain Settings ]
  8. Once Domain Points at Your Host Continue [ visit your in the browser and this will be ready when it takes you to a WordPress page with sign-in ]
  9. Install Your SSL Certificate [ Host Will Have This ]
    1. In SiteGround go to [ My Accounts ]
    2. Select [ Go To CPanel ]
    3. Click [ Proceed ]
    4. Scroll down to [ Security ] (2nd from bottom)
    5. Click on [ Let’s Encrypt ]
    6. Check that your domain is showing
    7. Click [ Install ]
  10. If you are on SiteGround you should be complete.

Repoint Name Servers

Once you have a web host you will want to go back to your domain registrar and locate their [ Name Servers ] section. These will need to be changed to the name servers provided by your web host when you make the purchase, most times these will be in the email after sign up or in the control panel they provide.

Installing Your WordPress Theme & Plugin Base

Hopefully, you have followed the link and installed Astra, or possibly purchased Astra PRO, which gives you the most powerful version to run your online business. The PRO version gives you a strong and quality theme which will last you a long time for your business and allows for ease of bringing in a Membership plugin later when you are a more mature Authority site.

You will also want to purchase Elementor PRO as it provides much more options and abilities to style portions of your website. The cost for a single site as of this writing is only $49 per year, the work and time you save will be more than worth this small purchase!

Steps For WordPress Theme Installation

Astra is a very strong theme which can be configured to help you make your site unique in feel. It will definitely serve you well being a free theme at first, as you begin looking to start a real business you will want to stand out from the crowd, this is why I suggest Astra Pro as it has a large range of additional power.

The Astra Pro add-on is installed separately and extends the Astra theme options by adding enhanced features such as transparent headers, custom layouts and more. It offers more advanced features which help to build and customize your website in a unique manner even without having to change or add a single piece of code.

  1. Log Into Your WordPress Admin Panel
  2. From the Left Menu Choose [ Appearance ]
  3. Choose [ Themes ]
  4. Choose [ Add New ] In The Top Left
    1. If You Bought Astra Click [ Upload Theme ]
      1. Choose your file and click [ Install Now ]
    2. If Starting With Free Search for [ Astra ]
      1. Click on [ Install ]
  5. Choose to [ Activate ]
  6. Now You Have Installed the Theme

Steps For WordPress Plugin Installation

We want the Elementor plugin and preferably the Elementor PRO plugins for the customization ability they lend to the Astra and other themes. These plugins allow you to build very high-quality websites without a high knowledge in coding or development while maintaining a nice design.

  1. Log Into Your WordPress Admin Panel
  2. From the Left Menu Choose [ Plugins ]
  3. Choose [ Add New ]
  4. If You Bought A Plugin Then Click [ Upload Theme ]
    • Choose your file and click [ Install Now ]
    • Choose to [ Activate ]
  5. If Starting With Free Search for [ Plugin ]
    • Click on [ Install ]
    • Choose to [ Activate ]
  6. Now You Have Installed the Plugin
  7. Repeat for Each plugin

Using Astra Starter Sites Plugin

The cool thing about this plugin is it can give you a large choice of pre-setup website templates where you can look to replace out the content and images but it gives you a good layout to start your business.

When you are getting started I would suggest not spending more than a day getting through all these steps as you want and need to get to content generation if you want to start acquiring traffic from search engines.

Start Content Generation

Here is where we hit the part of a niche site where most people fail and give up, that won’t be you, right? You need to shift your mindset as you need to write content people are interested in reading and that is typically low competition.

What happens though is that most people will look to the highest reward value or commission and write some 300-word post trying to sell some items. Please note now, if you decide to approach your Amazon or any niche site, you will fail and end up with nothing to show for it.

Many people claim that there is no way to make an income online, they argue that if it was possible then a mythical “everyone” would do it. The truth is everyone COULD do it, if they could believe in themselves and that the effort would pay off.


The honest truth is that when you start a website, any website, even if you are an amazing writer you will have a slow launch period. This time period is frequently called the “Google Sandbox”, where you take a long time to rank any posts you write. While this is somewhat true, most of the reason why you can’t rank what you write is that you don’t guage your competition well and either underwrite content, not enough words, or stuff keywords in.

What you want to do is manage your writing and attack it in a strategic method which is a balancing act. You want to start by producing informational content which is aimed at answering questions or providing quick-hitting topics, these need to be at least 1000 words and preferably around 1500 words to be strong viable content online.

At the same time, you can’t write only 3-4 posts and then leave and come back months later, what you want is to drive home that you are an influence in the sphere. You should aim to produce at least 2 or 3 posts per week, as you write it will get easier to write more in-depth and produce higher quality writing.

Quality Niche Site Word Count Standards

What you want to aim for as a starter in the Amazon niche site content world is approximately 100,000 words across your posts and pages. This will make you a good website to start gaining good results from associated keywords within Google.

If you managed long-form content at 1500 words per post you would be looking at around 80 posts at a minimum. I would suggest before you move onto a possible second site you will want to hit this level and then while this site is waiting to rank then you can start on your next site.

Yes, it may sound crazy but I promise you somewhere 3-4 weeks into your journey to build this site you will either begin to doubt your choice or think you know a better choice. Instead, write them down in a list that you will revisit once you have properly prepared this current site.

Publicize Content

This is where many people will find they start to languish, especially at first when the ghost town is on. Post your work on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. In this time your friends and their friends are your best way to evaluate what you are creating.

At this time also we suggest building a YouTube channel that will be a launching pad for your website and content. YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google and if you avoid it then you are limiting your ability to gain success in your business!

Video Tutorial

Watch How Easy This Can Be With Alex from WP Eagle

Final Thoughts on How To Create Amazon Affiliate Niche Site From Scratch

This will get you solidly in place to start your Amazon affiliate niche site and start you on your process to becoming free. Maybe not free from working a 9-5 in the beginning but if you work hard and stay dedicated you will begin the process to allow you the opportunity for financial freedom.

Please note that this is not a quick money scheme and it will require plenty of upfront labor and time. Most posts don’t reach their highest ranking until over 8 months after posting. This is why most people will start and quit, missing when their site would actually start making them an income!

I want everyone to succeed and would love to hear from you what your experiences are running an Amazon niche site. I think it can bring in a tremendous income if done well and with a proper strategy that doesn’t include link spamming your posts and pages!

I love technology, I have plenty of technical side experience but never really thought of blogging as a way to earn an income. With everything that has gone on in the last couple years and the instability of the job markets I started to learn how to blog and build affiliate niche sites to add more income channels to give me the chance to break free from the financial chains that bind me and find real freedom!