Acabado: Modify Rating Star Color

by Josh Koop | Last Updated:  August 9, 2020
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The default stars with Acabado are in jet black, while this works many would like to have gold stars or use a color scheme which matches their site scheme.

[ Acabado Modify Rating Star Color ] video

This uses a Custom CSS to override the default black value given to stars which will allow you to have them show as gold (whats in the code below) or you can replace the color code with a color which matches your website scheme! .star {
     color: #d4af37;

If you wanted to target only a specific post id you could change this value on any one specific review by using the below and replacing the (postid-xxx) value.

.postid-902 .star {
     color: #d4af37;

Hopefully this helps people to start customizing their review sections to make their website stand out! Please leave a note if this helps or share it, as always a donation is awesome but never required!

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