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Power Lead System Review | Peek Inside The Free Lead Management System

What is the Power Lead System?  Simply put, it’s a complete all-in-one marketing and lead management system… with a twist.  On top of the free lead management system, Power Lead System (PLS) also offers a world wide 100% commission affiliate program.  This review will explain what you get with PLS as well as the 100% commission plan for you entrepreneurs.

Power Lead System ReviewAt first glance, what I liked about The Power Lead System was that they don’t sell hype, fluff, or junkie overpriced products.

Their products are very affordable, practical, and necessary for any business, whether online or brick and mortar.

I guess you could say they provide the online lead management tools necessary to survive and thrive in today’s internet world.

Cost and learning curve?  PLS has put together both, a free and low cost options (you’ll see that later), and easy to follow instructional tutorials to shorten the learning curve and get your sales funnels, lead generation, conversion, and management system up and running right away.

Power Lead System

The question is, do you have an online system in place or are you just winging it?  Good quality leads are hard enough to come by and we can’t risk letting hot prospects fall through the cracks because we don’t have an adequate lead management system in place.

For the past few years, I have personally been using Optimize Press to create my sales funnels and opt-in pages.  AWeber has been my choice for email marketing and list management, but what I see here is a system that can essentially replace them both… and save me money, which is why I switched.

In all actuality, the system you’re researching is a simple, yet powerful lead system where you’ll be able to manage all of your leads in one place.

A Peek Inside The PLS Free Lead Management System.

Is PLS a new company?  No, the company has actually been providing custom marketing and prospecting systems to their clients for nearly 20 years.  You’ll probably recognize some of their clients by name-Anthony Robbins, Solevei, and Global Resources Network.

The business model, however, is new. For the first time, this company is opening its doors to anyone in the world (literally) to use… without the $18K price tag!

What’s more, they’re allowing affiliates to give away their free lead management system and qualify for 100 % commission as a paid affiliate (not MLM).  More on that below.

PLS is sort of ”central command center” for building your business where you can do all the cool marketing stuff like:

  • Power Lead SystemManage multiple websites.
  • Add and Manage your contacts.
  • Mobile phone.
  • Send broadcast email to your list.
  • Create unlimited lead capture and squeeze pages.
  • Create Video Sales Pages.
  • Track you ads.
  • See who opens your email and who clicks on your links.
  • Video Postcards.
  • Create professional custom sales funnels (even if you have no computer skills)
  • Create custom Google Hangout pages.

I believe that the Power Lead System provides all the tools necessary to build and manage your leads and business online and earn income while you’re at it.

Before I get into the 100% commission pay plan, and definitely before you join, you should consider whether you’ll use the products and services this company has to offer… and make sure you believe in the leadership of the company.

If you won’t use the products, what’s the point?  And if you don’t believe in the integrity of the leadership, you should run!

  • Power Lead System is a world-wide company and is available literally anywhere.
  • Whether you’re a distributor or affiliate with some other company, in sales, or own a brick and mortar business, the sales funnels you create here can, and should be used to drive traffic there.

The Men Behind PLS.  The two men behind the PLS lead and marketing platforms are Neil Guess and Michael Price.  Their technology (the technology you’ll be using) is responsible for some of the most successful marketing sales funnels ever created.

I believe that Neil and Michael are two men with real convictions and integrity who love God and genuinely want to create an honest, long-term business that you can be proud to share with anyone.

My suggestion is to sign up for free, research the company and owners, and see if you like the quality of the products and believe in the Power Lead System leadership.  That just makes sense.

Refer PLS for 100% Commission pluss…

Fist of all, this is not multi-level marketing.  This is an affiliate program which is much different.  It’s more like what I already have with Amazon, Optimize Press and AWeber… this company just has a much better pay plan.

Read more about the PLS 100% commission plan HERE.  Not into that?  No problem, you can still take advantage of their “Free For Life sales funnel and email marketing tools to help you build whatever business you’re in.

So what do you think about the Power Lead System?  Get your Free Lead Management System HERE!

Power Lead System


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