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100% Commission | Peek Inside The Power Lead System 100% Commission

How would you like to generate all the free online leads you’ll ever need… and get paid 100% commission at the same time?  Take a peek inside The Power Lead System 100% commission plan see exactly how you can do just that, and see for yourself why I believe this to be one of the best affiliate opportunities online today.

100% CommissionAlthough the Power Lead System (PLS) is not the first company to offer 100% commission to affiliates, they did add an extra attractive “twist” to how their pay plan works.  More about that in a minute.

What is the Power Lead System?  In a nutshell, it’s all in one lead generation and management system that literally any business can, and should be using to drive traffic to their own business or opportunity. (Read my PLS review here.)

The PLS lead system that you are considering is the same exact system that big names, like Anthony Robbins and Solevei have used for years to drive traffic to their business online.  That’s exactly what you get, minus the $18K price tag.

Even better, The Power Lead System has opted to open up an affiliate opportunity to marketers who want to earn income online.

By the way, this is a world-wide company so really have no boundaries.  Get your “free for life” sales funnel here.

I have already reviewed the owners and products HERE so I’m not going to do that again, so let’s take a peek at the Power Lead System 100% commission plan called Accelerated Leverage.

Accelerated Leverage – The 100% Commission Plan…

The 100% compensation plan is becoming a popular business model, and just like some companies are better than others, some products are better than others, so too, some 100% pay plans are just better than others.

What I like about the pass up compensation model is that it promotes generational growth wide instead of down.  What this does is open up the possibility of generating a very good income in a very short amount of time, unlike traditional “build it deep” models that typically have an ending point (ex. paid 7 generations deep etc.).  The problem with business models like that?  You eventually reach the point that your overrides, and income stop.

The “Better than” 100% model:  It’s important to understand the way companies get these types of pay plans to work.  They usually requiring a certain number of your sales to “roll” up to someone else.  (This is where we get the term “roll-ups” or “pass-ups.”)  Maybe you’ve heard that concept before.

Okay, now that’s where most people get confused and clam up.  After all, it’s hard to recruit, and it’s a hard pill to swallow… to “lose” some of the people I work so hard to sign up right?

Yes, and that’s how I felt at first as well.  And then I looked deeper into this compensation plan and figured out how the “twist” on this plan makes the potential much better than traditional 100% commission plans.

Sure, PLS has the “roll-up” feature built into their compensation model too, but where they are very different is through their 50% matching bonus on all of your “roll-up’s” pay line.
The Accelerated Leverage Compensation Plan.  The Power Lead System takes advantage of this compensation model by increasing the frequency of the roll-ups, and after 5 roll-ups, all of your sales will fall directly on your pay line.

What’s this mean to you?  More sales rolling up more often creates a true viral affiliate program and more income.

You still stand to earn a very substantial income on your “roll-ups” too.  How?  By rewarding affiliates with a 40% matching bonus on the entire pay line of all 5 of my roll ups!  Bottom line- I give up the $20/mo. commission in exchange for 50% of that persons complete pay-line, and that’s a great trade.

So, are you ready for 100% commission?  How about that test drive?

Power Lead System

A deeper look at the PLS 100% commission plan by my “New Yorker” friend Frankie.


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